Our Custom Home Design Process

At Element 119, we believe in a fluid design-build process that gives you the freedom to create the ideal home for your family. It begins with a meeting to discuss your style and your goals and vision for your new home. If you haven’t yet secured funding, we can also refer you to lenders who can help you find financing options that fit your needs.

We can build on any lot you choose in the Des Moines metro area, or if you don’t yet have a lot in mind, we can help you find one that you’ll love, keeping an eye out for features that can affect building costs, design, and long-term suitability for your family.

During the design phase, you can be involved as much or as little as you like, choosing your new home’s smallest details or merely sharing your ideas in broad strokes and letting us turn your vision into solid reality.

As building begins, we’ll be in touch with you frequently so you’re always up to date on the progress our your new home and aware of all decision-making deadlines.

When building is complete, we’ll take you on a tour of your new home to identify any touch-ups, repairs, or other work that needs to be done before you move in. After we close the sale, you’ll enjoy the added security of warranty protection for your custom home.

For a more in-depth look at our design-build process, click below to download our free eBook!

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